St. Catherine of Siena

Brought to Life by Sister Nancy Murray


Newspaper Reviews

Bill Murray’s Sister Makes A Name For Herself On Stage

 While Oscar contender Bill Murray has made his mark on the big screen, his sister Nancy-wait, make that Sister Nancy Murray-has been engaged in some whirlwind performances of her own.

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Bill Murray's big sis is actor with a mission

Dominican Sister Nancy Murray, big sister to comedic actor Bill Murray, will bring her acting talent to Tulsa next week to re-create the life of one of Catholicism's most influential women.

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 Bill Murray's big sis is actor with a mission

Chicago Tribune article, "Sister Act"

There will be a day, Sister Nancy Murray knows, when she will have to return to her order, when being a globe-trotting superstar nun who performs a one-woman show dozens of times a year will no longer be practical, and her congregation, based in southern Michigan, will call her home at last. She will no longer be in demand. But that day is certainly not now.

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Bill Murray’s sister a hit in one-woman play


National Catholic Reporter Interview


St. Catherine of Siena' pays a visit for parish fundraiser

What better way to roll-out a fundraising effort to renovate your falling-down mission church than to ask the saint for whom the church is named to come here to perform before a paying audience?

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A Real Sister Act Charms and Inspires

Fourteenth century Dominican nun Saint Catherine of Siena appears at the back of the church-turned-theater, with eyes smiling. She warmly greets us: "Buon giorno! How are you?"

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Bill Murray's Sister, Sister Nancy, Upstages Oscars in Clermont

While a lot of local residents spent March 5 watching the Oscars, some chose to share in an entirely different theatrical experience. At 7 that evening, nearly 600 people gathered at the Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church in Clermont to watch Sister Nancy Murray, OP, present her one-woman show, "St. Catherine of Siena: A Woman for Our Times."

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Past Performance Reviews

St. Joseph Shrine, Irish Hills Michigan - Tuesday, March 31, 2009


"Catherine of Siena, as performed by Nancy Murray,OP, delighted our parishioners. Our Family Center was filled with people from several parishes in south central Michigan and all of them left so delighted by Sr. Nancy's portrayal of St. Catherine. We would highly recommend staging the event for people of all ages who want to be enthralled by a performance, engaged by a talented artist, transported to a different historical time, and inspired to learn more about the lives of our saints ! "
It was also a delight to meet and talk with Sr. Nancy, she has many new friends at St. Joseph's Shrine.
Marcia Kortas and Carol Josifovski
Catholic Adult Formation and Education
St. Joseph Shrine
Irish Hills, Michigan
Sacred Heart Communications-Catholic Radio, Charlotte North Carolina - Tuesday, March 31, 2009


There is no way you can make a mistake by booking Sr Nancy Murray!
Dominican nuns are praying in Heaven & on Earth;
Sr Nancy draws audiences with her namesake, Murray;
“St Catherine-A Saint for Our Times” wins over their hearts!
In Feb ’07, Sr Nancy came to Charlotte, NC to help increase visibility & raise funds for Catholic radio in our Diocese. Though Catholics are small in number, her namesake, Bill Murray’s sister, caught the attention of the local major newspaper, The Charlotte Observer. Even though our Publicity Committee had done alot of work, we never expected the newspaper would pick up on the story.  Advance coverage of the performance reached the whole city! The evening of the performance 600-700 people of all ages & denominations arrived.
Sr Nancy captivated the audience from the time she entered the room. Her one act performance held the attention of everyone, old & young. They fell head over heels in love with Sr Nancy, St Catherine & the show! Need to see our promotional materials or ask any questions, feel free to contact me.  There is even a copy of the article published from the Charlotte Observer available. Don’t hesitate to book—TODAY! Sr Nancy is the greatest!
Grace Narus
Sacred Heart Communications-Catholic Radio
Charlotte, NC


St. Veronica's in Milwaukee Wisconsin - Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Sr. Nancy Murray received a standing ovation from a sellout crowd at St. Veronica's.  She was received with enthusiasm and appreciation for her performance of St. Catherine of Siena.  We all felt like we were taken back in time and witnessing this great saint's life of humility, spirituality and, of course, her sense of humor.  We were able to relate the trials she faced to those we face in today's society, knowing we too will get through the tough times with God's help and our determination to do His holy will.
Sr. Nancy drew in the audience, by walking among us and speaking to individuals as well as getting the children involved in a little song and dance.  We were not only entertained in a very delightful way, but also given a spiritual uplifting.
Comments we heard were, "she was fantastik",  "what a wonderful way to learn about the saints", "she made me feel good with her realness and wit", "this was great, when is she coming back?"  One of the children's comments, "I really like her....she made me laugh".
Our pastor commented that this was the best way to end his week's retreat.